Our goal is to provide our young scientists, both PhD students and postdoctoral researchers, with excellent training in all aspects of scientific research. This means that while we place great emphasis on excellence in the laboratory, we also aim for our young researchers to develop outstanding skills in analytical and critical thinking and written and oral science communication. We aim to achieve these goals through a combination of individual mentoring and group-based activities. Since mid-2018, a departmental project manager, Neysan Donnelly, supports young scientists with writing fellowship applications, scientific manuscripts and other written reports and offers workshops on different aspects of science communication. Students also participate in a pre-print journal club, an exercise in which they develop critical thinking and scientific and intellectual independence.

PhD students are also enrolled in the MPIPZ Graduate School where their progress is supported by a thesis advisory committee (TAC). Members of the Graduate School are also offered a large selection of courses in soft skills and method training to equip them with competencies that will be useful for the PhD and beyond.